Calisthenics by Lee Wade Turner

The Coach - Lee Wade Turner

My Calisthenics journey started around 2010 at the age of 34 after accidentally discovering it on YouTube whilst searching for ways to build up my maximum pull ups.


I had been into fitness and training from a pretty young age so seeing all these guys on YouTube performing these crazy bodyweight feats of strength really inspired me to try it out and the rest is history!


Fast forward a few years and I’m now a well respected Calisthenics athlete and one of the pioneers of the Street Workout movement in Europe.


I’m an International judge and trainer based in London, UK.


I’ve featured in and written for various fitness magazines including Men’s Health & Muscle & Fitness.


In 2012, I was one of four renowned athletes, chosen to judge the 2nd annual WSWCF World Championships held in Riga, Latvia.


I’m known internationally for my high level endurance sets, weighted Calisthenics strength and my acute attention to always strive for the perfect technique and correct form with training!


I’ve participated in various competitions and some epic battles across Europe with some of the biggest names in the game and proven that even at what’s considered an ‘older age’, you are still able to compete with much younger athletes in their prime if you put your mind to it and stay disciplined.


My biggest success came in 2018 when at the age of 41 I set a new Guinness World Record in front of 3,000 people for ‘most consecutive strict ring muscle ups’ at the CrossFit European Championships. 

Notable Accolades & Achievements:



2012 – Guest Workout Fest’ 2012 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

2012 – Judge WSWCF World Championships Riga, Latvia

2013 – Judge WSWCF Spanish National Championships Madrid, Spain

2013 – Guest Workout Fest’ 2013 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

2014 – Guest Russian Street Workout Championships, Ural Stage, Berezovsky City, Russia

2015 – Joint 1st Place King Of The Bar 32kg Pull Up Competition FIBO 2015, Germany

2015 – Guest Polish Street Workout Championships, Bilgoraj, Poland

2016 – Judge Bar Warz Passion Sports Convention, Bremen, Germany

2016 – Battle Winner Vs Denton Conteh Calisthenics Clashes, Combat & Strength Show, 02 Arena, London UK

2016 – Judge Polish Street Workout Championships, Warsaw, Poland

2016 – Judge Eurasian Workout Fest, Ufa City, Russia

2016 – Judge Bar Warrior, Wetzlar, Germany

2017 – Judge Bar Warrior, Passion Sports Convention, Bremen, Germany

2017 – Judge Polish Street Workout Championships, Cracow, Poland

2017 – Judge RVL13 Pull Up Jam 2017, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

2017 – 1st Place Cali Games Endurance Competition, Urban Fit Days, Berlin, Germany

2018 – Set Guinness World Record ‘Most Consecutive Ring Muscle Ups’, The European Championships, Essex, UK

2018 – Battle Winner Vs Lionel “Zod” Yaouli, Passion Sports Convention, Bremen, Germany

2018 – Judge Polish Street Workout Championships, Cracow, Poland

2018 – Battle Winner Vs Dejan Stipke, Cali Games, Urban Fit Days, Berlin, Germany

2019 – Guest King Of The North, Dolny Kubin, Slovakia

2019 – Guest Barstylers Annual Street Workout Competition, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Muscle Up Guinness World Record

On 27th January 2018, I set a brand new Guinness World Record for “most consecutive ring muscle ups” with 14 reps at the annual CrossFit competition ‘The European Championships’ held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Colchester, Essex UK.

The world record attempt was supposed to take place the year previously but an injury to my wrist during training forced me to withdraw & reschedule for 2018’s event.

The following video series documents my GWR training and preparation plus the actual live attempt in front of 3,000 people at the European Championships.

Calisthenics Classes


The word “Calisthenics” originates from the ancient Greek words “Kallos” / “Beauty” or “Beautiful” (highlighting the aesthetic pleasure that derives from the perfection of the human body & “Sthenos” / “Strength” (mental and physical strength, determination & courage)


It is the original form of exercise where little or no equipment is used and the athlete will predominantly use their own bodyweight as resistance to build a muscular, lean, strong & flexible physique.


Calisthenics could be considered the specific training that goes into the Olympic sport of “Gymnastics”.


Set in the idyllic surroundings of Kennington Park, the workout area is one of the best equipped in London.

Attending the small group sessions you’ll learn how to control your own bodyweight with functional, basic exercises such as press ups, chin ups, sit ups, dips & squats.


With good positivity and determination you’ll soon notice the difference in your body and mindset. More advanced variations and harder exercises can be attained such as the handstand, human flag and muscle ups – the physical body is capable of achieving some truly amazing feats.


The 1.5 hour small group training sessions will incorporate stretching, mobility, working on gymnastic skills / elements, whole body workouts using gymnastic rings, parallel bars, parallettes and more.


As you become stronger, extra weight can be added in the form of weighted vests, ankle weights, resistance bands or adding weight plates on a dipping belt and performing the same exercises.


The sessions are limited to 6 participants for a more “hands on” training experience and are designed for all levels but a decent, basic bodyweight strength in push and pull exercises is advisable. Scaling and progressions can be implemented on the exercises during the session to carter for everyone.


With 2 evening sessions per day, Monday – Friday plus weekend sessions as well you can choose a monthly membership or pay as you go option to cover all your Calisthenis Gainz!


I also run my sessions at Kalos Sthenos Republic, East London.

The classes are open to athletes of all levels and open to both members of the gym as well as non-members.

We offer a variety of memberships & class pack options as well as pay as you go.

The 1 hour & 1.5 hour sessions can be booked via the Parkour Generations App and just like the outdoor sessions you’ll work basic and advanced bodyweight skills and exercises also incorporate stretching and mobility using gymnastic rings, parallel bars, parallettes and more.

Kalos Sthenos daily Calisthenics classes:

Monday – Friday
7 – 8am
12 – 1pm
5.30 – 7pm & 7 – 8.30pm


You can now train virtually with me and master your own bodyweight from the comfort of your own living room.


Recession Proof Body On-line classes will give you an intense workout moulded on the style of training I have pushed myself through over the years.


Focusing on mobility, skills, straight-arm & bent arm strength, you only require the very basic equipment to join.


Equipment needed:


-Pull up bar (door frame or outdoor)

-Selection of resistance bands

-Yoga mat

-Parallettes / press up handles

-Gymnastic rings


I can also provide private on-line classes for gyms / CrossFit boxes / universities or colleges looking to add Calisthenics into their weekly training schedule.

Personal Training

1-2-1 in person

If you’re looking to progress in your Calisthenics training, then working with me in person, 1-2-1 would be the best and fastest way to learn the exercises & correct techniques.


Whether you’re a complete beginner and aiming for your very first press up or your at a more advanced level and working on your first OAP (one arm pull up) I can work with you from a number of different locations around London on achieving your goals.


If you’d rather train with a friend or small group then that option is also available. And if you’d prefer to train from your own home then I’m also able to do home PT sessions.


A Personal Training session with me would either be an hour or a 1.5 hour duration depending on your fitness level and the workout can be sent to your mobile phone afterwards on request to track your progress.

1-2-1 virtually

If you don’t live in London don’t worry. I’m also able to train with you virtually via an on-line session over a Zoom call from anywhere in the world!

As long as you have a good WIFI connection, some basic equipment and have a space to train in, whether that’s your local park, gym or your own home then we’re good to go!


I have been delivering workshops all over the UK and throughout Europe since 2012.
Countries include:

Northern Ireland
Czech Republic


The workshop, led by myself, is split into two parts, in the morning session, we’ll start with some important warm up drills focusing mainly on the scapula, ways to strengthen and reduce the risk of injuries and provide more stability for your training.

From there we go on to cover basic bodyweight exercises (pull ups, press ups, dips and muscle ups) working on correct technique, ways to improve overall strength and ways to build up your reps. More intense variations of each exercise will be demonstrated and broken down where participants will explore different ways of training with them.

Challenging solo / group workouts will wrap up each instructional segment working with parallettes, parallel bars, rings and high bar.

After a lunch break, the bodyweight movements are taken up a few notches with advanced Gymnastic / Calisthenics holds and exercises such as ‘front and back lever’, ‘one arm pull ups’ and ‘human flag’ are broken down with demonstrations through all the different progressions needed to be worked on to achieving the full hold.

More modern and updated ‘Street Workout’ variations of these holds that require high levels of strength, control and creativity will be demonstrated on the day in freestyle sets where participants will see and learn more about the popular new form of bodyweight training known as ‘Street Workout’.

The final part of the workshop will incorporate some of the new skills acquired in a fun and challenging core session where the participants will run through some drills and skills on the parallel and high bar.

During the course of the workshop you will be going over many exercises, drills and techniques using the gymnastics rings,  the high bar and the parallel bars so come both mentally and physically prepared.

Afterwards, I’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the days session.

Workshop designed for 10 – 30 participants


The 2.5 hour workshop is totally dedicated to the ring and bar muscle up – it’s a more in-depth look at the exercise than what you would get in my Full Calisthenics Workshop.
Covering progressions, false grip, strength building exercises, technique etc, each section of the muscle up is broken down with full demonstrations in a way that makes it straight forward to understand.

As part of the workshop I will also go into detail about the specific training that I went through before attempting to set the original Guinness World Record for ‘Most consecutive strict ring muscle ups’ in 2018

During the course of the workshop you will be going over many exercises, drills and techniques on both the gymnastics rings and the high bar so come both mentally and physically prepared.

Afterwards, I’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the days session.

Workshop designed for 10 – 30 participants